Standard Rental Period Information

All rental equipment is charged for the time the equipment is out on rental, from the time the equipment leaves the premises until it is returned. Rental charges are not based on the time period the equipment is used, unless the equipment has an hour meter in which the meter time exceeds the time allowed for the rental period. This is represented as an 8 hour use time on the meter for every 24 hours the equipment is out on rent.

A day rate is based on a 24 hour period, with some equipment having an hour meter being allowed 8 hours of use time within the same 24 hour period. Should the rental exceed the allowed 8 hours use time, the additional time will be prorated as the day rate divided by 8 and multiplied for the excess time used.

A 2 or 4 hour rate minimum rental, plus any additional hours out on rent up to the day rate must occur during hours of operation. Any equipment that is out for an overnight period will be charged a day rate, regardless of time picked up or returned.

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