About Us

General Rental is a full-service equipment rental store providing rental products and services to Southwest Missouri. The rental industry is one of the fastest growing types of business in America.

Our History:

In the early 70’s Owner Harold Hemphill was busy helping to start a small package delivery company called Federal Express. He was actually present at the meeting where it was decided to call package delivery drivers “couriers.” Despite being a successful executive at a major corporation Harold still wanted to be his own boss. 

During the mid- 80’s he quit his job with Federal Express and began looking for a place to start his own business. His search took nearly two years but eventually he fell in love with the small city of Springfield, Missouri. Despite knowing little about the rental industry and less about repairing engines he and his wife Allena founded Nation-Wide General Rental Center in July 1987. During the first year the couple ran their business without any employees. Allena managed the front desk and Harold took turns being the delivery driver, cleanup crew, mechanic, and general gofer. The first years there were no days off, no vacations and on some days no customers. However the couple pinched pennies, focused on making sure their equipment was always clean, shiny and well maintained. Eventually they made General Rental the successful business it is today.

In March 2001 General Rental Center opened its 2nd location on N. Kansas Expressway. In August 2004 the Ozark location opened for business, and in 2006 General Rental Center opened a fourth store on West Chestnut Expressway. The company now has aggressive plans to expand to other locations in the next few years. General Rental Center provides service to homeowners, construction companies, manufacturing plants, government agencies, churches, schools, party givers, and more.

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